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Who is Kiki C?

Born Kiara, a princess from Queens, New York. Kiara aka Kiki C has always shown interest in creative arts. While in the womb, she was a very active baby! She is a natural-born dancer, loves to sing, active gymnast, and former track star for the Rochdale Novas. Kiki has dreams of becoming a model as well as a WWE Superstar!


Her favorite wrestlers are Sasha Banks, Naomi, and Bianca Belair!! Kiki has met Sasha Banks in person for her birthday, which was a total surprise. Banks have also shown love and reposted Kiki C multiple times on social media, especially during Halloween 2019 because she dressed as Sasha Banks. We recently sent our lipgloss in hopes she'll receive it. Kiki C has also created a signature lipgloss called "The Blueprint". 

Watch the Meet & Greet: HERE


For Halloween 2020, Kiki was Bianca Belair and was reposted by the EST of the WWE! She has also dedicated a lipgloss to Bianca called "Sugar & Spice". There's a lot of Black Girl Magic in wrestling and Kiki has high aspirations to be the next in line. Recently for Kiki's 13th birthday, Bianca Belair surprised her with a video and autographed photo! 

Click to watch the video for Halloween: HERE


Academic-wise, Kiki is an Honor Roll and Distinguished Honors student. During her 5th grade graduation, she was chosen to speak on behalf of her classroom. Kiki wowed the audience with her personality and extensive vocabulary. Math is one of her favorite subjects, so no wonder why becoming an entrepreneur at the tender age of 12 was natural. 


Sitting still for a long period of time has never been a part of Kiki's character but keeping busy turned out to be great quality. Some of her favorite things to do during her free time are practicing nail art, making slime, playing games with her friends, and D.I.Y projects. With this passion for Do-It-Yourself methods, Kiki C Lipgloss was birthed! Being that her mother is vegan, she was limited to certain household products. Everything that Kiki uses for her recipes is organic, Non-GMO, and 100% natural.  Kiki expressed she wanted to make extra money while creating products to help keep her lips hydrated. Well, it worked! The beauty industry is a billion-dollar business. Kiki's creation formed at the dining room table is becoming a household name and all the hard work is paying off. 

Currently, Kiki C Lip Gloss has sold over 1,000 units and the numbers are steadily growing. Her lip gloss line offers more than 25 flavors. There are certain glosses that sell out fast. They range from $5 to $10, making it affordable for everyone! Make sure you grab them while they're available. 

Every month there is a featured scent. Be sure to look out for this Black Girl who rocks and is nothing less than magical. Kiki is making her mark in the beauty industry. Being that she has a huge support system, the sky's the limit for her brand. 


In September 2020, Kiki C covered the red carpet as media for Full Bloom Magazine at Atlantic City Fashion Week! She also graced the cover and has a spread in Full Bloom Magazine for Creative Entrepreneurs!

Here is the link: Full Bloom Magazine 20 Edition

Click here!

This beauty has also been featured in We Talkin Magazine, The"Nipsey Hussle" edition, which released in late 2020. You can click below to get your digital copy, hard copy, or both!  Special thanks to Tilsa Wright and her team for making this Kiki's first-ever magazine feature!

We Talkin Magazine, The"Nipsey Hussle" edition:

Click here!

In October 2020, KiKi C shot with a photographer for KidFash magazine. Kiki will appear in two editions.

- Table of Contents for the "Education" edition which is out now! Kiki is on page 5. 

Click here!  

-Feature in the "Dream" edition of KidFash which is available. Kiki is on page 88. Click here!

January 2021, Kiki C collaborated with her mother who's known in the entertainment industry to create a "Mommy & Me" collection. Her mother went to school for cosmetology, so she guides Kiki during the process. "Mommy & Me" collection has grossed the highest numbers for the lipgloss brand thus far and we are expecting it to grow from there.  

Shop now!

February 2021, Kiki C has graced the runway of Cosmopolitan's New York Fashion Week. Custom clothing provided by Eye Candy Couture. Kiki C has also provided media coverage as a spokesperson for KidFash Magazine. 

Kiki C is a part of an organization for young girls called YGYL! If you'd like to have your daughter in this mentorship program, please visit this website

Recently, Kiki relocated to follow her dreams of training for the WWE. She is now training with some of the best wrestlers in the business. She was once known as Paris Moon, but now she is just Kiki for now.  

You can follow Kiki C's journey:


Business Page:

-YouTube: Kiki C.


For Booking Inquiries, please contact:

Eve Management

Person of Contact: Eve Hill

Instagram: @evemgmt

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